Electric Sunwave

by Low Force Halo

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Mixed and mastered by Wouter Veltmaat.


released July 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Low Force Halo Netherlands

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Track Name: The golden light
walking walking
walking through a golden gate
stepping stepping
stepping into a golden age
setting setting
setting on a golden state
halo halo
halo of a golden flame

follow follow
follow the golden rule of your game
blinded blinded
blinded by the golden light of fame
eating eating
eating golden flakes from your dish
and swimming swimming
swimming like a goldfish

blinded blinded
blinded by the golden light
Track Name: Lost highway
crossing over from a lonely sideway
exhausted by a crowded highway

channel one
channel two
channel thirty-one
channel ninehundred-ninety-two

wasted land seeking for the main road
ruined buildings whispering a secret code

crossing sideways
wasted mainroad
exhausted highway
ruined secret code

channeling the sound
transmitting the source
canalizing clouds
transporting thoughts
Track Name: Dreamliner
coming up with steam
checking on a plane
living on a dream
bumping up the fast lane

upstream - your starship guides its own way through
downstream - you stargaze blind into a neverending blue

reason in front of you
really close but no sigar
dreamy thoughts come true
dreamers in a milky bar

upstream - your starship guides its own way through
downstream - you stargaze blind into a neverending blue
Track Name: Love machine
can you hear me
can you see me
can you touch me
can you feel me

can you sing for me
can you paint me
can you dream of me
can you create me

dehumanize yourself tonight
calculate your chance tonight
mortalize yourself tonight
bring life into your gear tonight

perfection of a bloodless stream
conditioning a broken dream
construction of a clean supreme
imagining a love machine
Track Name: Du bist allein
menschen die draussen spazieren
du bist allein heutnacht
zuhaus kann dich nichts passieren
du bist allein heutnacht

leuten gehen mit dir schlafen
du bist allein heutnacht
dein schiff liegt in eigener hafen
du bist allein heutnacht

manchmal kann man alles verlieren
kein umgebung zum herumspazieren
gestrandet am desolater hafen
gedanken sind jenseits begraben

du bist allein
Track Name: Frozen water
slow motion
cold ocean

the beach is covered with ice
the boats stay home tonight

slow motion
cold ocean